PSY:Introduction And Antecedents Of Psychology Discussion Psychology homework help

PSY:Introduction And Antecedents Of Psychology Discussion Psychology homework help

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For each DQ elaborate within 260-300 words. Use in text citations accordingly. Use scholarly reference(s) along with the one(s) attached as well. Use and cite references using APA 7th Style Guide accordingly. Doctoral level class.

DQ 1) Both Plato and Aristotle believed that there is a world of true knowledge, the ultimate reality of the world that has been created perfectly by God (or the equivalent concept of God). What did each of the two philosophers propose as the route or method to obtaining that true knowledge? Given their theory about the search for true knowledge, what would be each philosopher’s view on the nature/nurture debate? Which of the two views is superior? Why?

DQ 2) At least as early as Alcmaeon (around 500 B.C.), the brain was identified as the “organ of thought.” However, subsequent thinkers continued to believe in the separation of the physical body (including the brain) and the mind (or soul). What were some of the most significant factors that might have prevented general acceptance of the neural basis for all thoughts? Why were these factors important?


A History of Modern Psychology Read Chapters 1-3

Plato and the Method of Analysis Read:

Menn, S. (2002). Plato and the method of analysis. Phronesis47(3), 193-223.

Development of the Concept of Mind Read:

Bennett M. R. (2007). Development of the concept of mind. Australian & New Zealand Journal of 

Psychiatry41(12), 943-956.

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