public meeting policy Nursing homework help

public meeting policy Nursing homework help

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Public Policy Meeting Assignment

 Submit a 3-4 page summary paper on the public policy meeting. Include headings in your paper that address these components:

· The purpose of the meeting, key participants, key agenda items, and meeting logistics

· Background information and a description about the committee

· One specific topic that was discussed at the meeting and an explanation of the committee process

· An analysis of the key stakeholder positions related to the topic discussed

· Key interactions that occurred at the meeting

· Outcomes of the meeting including the specific topic focus

· Current APA Style, proper grammar, and references as appropriate


· Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Meeting

· CHIP along with the Medicaid has for a very long time been considered to have had created a very strong foundation in the healthcare systems especially when it comes to the process of giving forth or delivering health coverage to children who are particularly living in households that are considered to be of low income. It helped me as an individual not only to develop the skills that ill need in the process of understanding child’s health situation and care but also this will help in the process of ensuring that as a professional I will be able to understand the needs of the parents too and specifically where this program originated from in the first place.

· The meeting in this case was therefore established and conducted on 21st, September 2021 and the meeting was held on Monday from 8 am to 4pm. The location of this meeting was in New York. 

· Reference

· Adams, E. K., Johnston, E. M., Guy, G., Joski, P., & Ketsche, P. (2019). Children’s Health Insurance Program expansions: what works for families?. Global pediatric health6, 2333794X19840361. (Links to an external site.)

· NCSLorg (2017). Webinar | The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP): What’s Next? [Video] YouTube.

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