Quest 2 Company: Southwest Airlines There are 3 Required Tools which are the Strategic Group Map, Stakeholder Analysis and TOWS analysis • Additional To

Quest 2 Company: Southwest Airlines

There are 3 Required Tools which are the Strategic

Group Map, Stakeholder Analysis and TOWS analysis

• Additional To

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Quest 2 Company: Southwest Airlines

There are 3 Required Tools which are the Strategic

Group Map, Stakeholder Analysis and TOWS analysis

• Additional Tools: Choose four additional tools of

your choice. Please write a strategic analysis of

Southwest Airlines.  Complete a

total of 7 tools from the sample table of contents (attached below).

The 3 required tools are the Strategic Group Map,

Stakeholder Analysis and TOWS Analysis. YOU

choose the other 4 tools you would like to use in the

analysis. For example, VRIO, distinctive competency,

EFAS table, among others.

 Summary: 3 Required Tools + 4 Tools of your choice = 7 tools total.  

10 pages length 2020 One Report
One Team. All Heart.

2020 Southwest Airlines One Report 2

Table of Contents

About the One Report 2

A Word from Gary 3

30,000-Foot View 3

2020 Awards 4

Our Approach 5

People 14

Employees 15

Customers 21

Communities 23

People Data Table 27

Performance 29

Economic Performance 30

Growing Our Robust Network 36

Performance Data Table 39

Planet 40

Environmental Stewardship 41

Energy 43

Waste 47

Planet Data Table 49

GRI Index 50

SASB Index 62

UN SDGs 63

Our Triple Bottom Line

To illustrate our steadfast focus on a triple bottom line—our

People, Performance, and Planet—we highlight our citizenship

eforts each year in the Southwest One Report, an interactive
electronic publication. The integrated One Report combines

knancial, corporate responsibility, and environmental reporting
into a single comprehensiveロreport.1

2020 One Report

The importance of our citizenship commitment was underscored

by the events of an incredibly challenging year. In 2020, we

doubled down on commitments to our Employees, Customers,

Shareholders, suppliers, and communities. Our citizenship eforts
give us an opportunity to invest in the People and places our

future depends on.

PerformancePeople Planet GRI IndexAbout the One Report SASB Index UN SDGsAbout the One Report

2020 Southwest Airlines One Report 3

A Word from Gary

� We are not simply a Company of planes�

we are a Company of People. And it is the

Heart of the People of Southwest Airlines

that makes us who we are�yesterday,

today, and forever.�

Gary C. Kelly
Chairman of the Board
and Chief Executive Ogcer

30,000-Foot View
People are, and always have been, the Heartbeat of Southwest Airlines, and we work

to advance and protect the things that are important in their lives. In 2020, the global

COVID-19 pandemic, resulting economic impacts, and widespread social unrest that

occurred deeply afected the lives of many, and we sought to do right by our Employees,
Customers, and communities in the face of these digcult circumstances. On the following
pages, you can read more about our citizenship activities during 2020, and see how we

sought to align our eforts with our Heart for People. Welcome to this yearルs One Report.

PerformancePeople Planet GRI IndexAbout the One Report SASB Index UN SDGsAbout the One Report

2020 Southwest Airlines One Report 4

FORTUNE magazine

Ranked 11th
(in 2020)

FORTUNE World’s Most

Admired Companies®


Best Domestic

Airforwarders Association

Designated a

Best for Vets:

Military Times

Recognized as a

Top 50

Equal Opportunity

Best Customer Service

Program of the Year
(Rapid Rewards® Program)

Best Loyalty Credit Card

Best Airline Redemption Ability

Freddie Awards

Named the

U.S. Airline

(in 2020)

Wall Street Journal

Won Four
Best Airline North America

Best Airline United States

Best Economy North America

Best Low Cost Airline
North America

2020 Tripadvisor Travelers’
Choice™ Awards for Airlines

Received a

on the Corporate

Equality Index
in 2020

Human Rights
Campaign Foundation

Named a

Top 100

BetterInvesting Magazine

PerformancePeople Planet GRI IndexAbout the One Report SASB Index UN SDGsAbout the One Report

2020 Southwest Airlines One Report 5

Our Approach
At Southwest, we are committed to doing the right thing by our

People, through our Performance, and in service to our Planet.

Our Employees, Customers, Shareholders, suppliers, and

community partners all contribute to the many opportunities

we see for the future of our Company. We take pride in our

reputation as the airline with Heart, and that naturally extends

to a passion for making a diference in our communities and
protecting our resources. We listen to and learn from them,

seeking to address their interests in the One Report andロbeyond.

Our commitment to being a good global citizen is shared in the

way we carry out our Purposeホconnecting People to whatルs
important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost


CSR/ESG topics according to our Stakeholders
[Communities, Customers, Employees,
Governments and Non-governmental
Organizations (NGOs), Investors, and Suppliers].
The 2020 assessment examined 28ロtopics and
helped guide the creation of the One Report.
Topics were grouped into kve categories:
Economic, Employees, Environment,
Governance, andロSocial.

Based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
guidelines, Southwest identiked priority topics
using a systematic process for Stakeholder
engagement and feedback prioritization that
consisted of:

� Evaluating relevant CSR/ESG topics

� Identifying internal and external Stakeholders

� Assessing the organizationルs impacts

� Evaluating the inluence on the

� Prioritizing topicsロロ

We engaged both internal and external
Stakeholders to determine which ESG topics
they perceive are most important to our
business. We then consolidated topics raised
through Stakeholder engagement inputs,
assigned rankings, appraised signikcance of
business impact for each topic, prioritized
topics, evaluated the risk, and developed our
key topics matrix (next page).

People, Performance,
Our 2020 key topics assessment illuminated
areas for potential opportunities to enhance
our CSR/ESG reporting approach, and helped
us align our CSR/ESG activities with the
UnitedロNations Sustainable Development
Goalsロ(SDGs), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI),
and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board
(SASB) reporting frameworks.

Key topics help us strategically address
ESGロissues that matter most to our

business and ourロStakeholders.

Reporting Scope
The 2020 Southwest One Report is

a snapshot of our corporate social

responsibility (CSR) eforts that fall
under our People, Performance, and

Planet initiatives. The One Report also

covers our environmental, social, and

governance (ESG) eforts, and relects
theロperiod of Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2020

The One Report covers only those

business activities for which Southwest

generally has complete control or

ownership. This report does not include

facilities primarily controlled by others,

such as airport terminal space, or

outsourced or subcontracted facilities.

Key Topics
Southwest recognizes the importance of key
topics in its CSR and ESG eforts, as it helps us
strategically address ESG issues that matter most
to our business and ourロStakeholders.

In 2020, Southwest completed a formal key
topics assessment, conducted by an independent
third party, to identify the most relevant

PerformancePeople Planet GRI IndexAbout the One Report SASB Index UN SDGsAbout the One Report

Employees Environment GovernanceEconomic Social

S ig n ifi c���� �f �����t to the business









2.01.5 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0




























Crisis ManagementCM

Economic PerformanceEP

Fleet ManagementFM

Indirect Economic


Sustainable ProcurementSP


Collective BargainingCB

Diversity Equity,

& Inclusion

Employee BenefitsEB

Employee Health

& Safety

Employee TurnoverET

Training & EducationTE



Board DiversityBD

Board OversightBO


Executive OwnershipEO


Customer Health

& Safety

Data PrivacyDP

Human Tra�ckingHT


Supplier DiversitySD


Climate RiskCR



Fuel & EnergyFE


Gas Emissions

Waste ManagementWM

2020 Southwest Airlines One Report 6


The business and afairs of Southwest Airlines Co.
(Southwest or the Company) are managed under
the direction of the Companyルs Board of Directors
(Board of Directors). The fundamental responsibility
of the Board of Directors is to promote the best
interests of the Company and its Shareholders
byロoverseeing the management of the
Companyルsロbusiness. Among other duties
andロresponsibilities,ロthe Board of Directors is
responsible for (i)ロoverseeing the selection,
evaluation, development, and compensation of
senior management; (ii) assessing major risks
facing the Company and reviewing options to
mitigate such risks; (iii) reviewing, approving,
andロmonitoring signikcant knancial and business
strategies and major corporate actions; and
(iv)ロoverseeing the processes to maintain the
utmost integrity andロproper management of

Pursuant to Texas law, the Board of Directors
is required to elect a President and a Secretary
and may elect such other ogcers as the Board
of Directors deems appropriate, which currently
include, among others, the Company’s Chief
Executive Ogcer (CEO). The Company’s CEO has
responsibility for the general management and
direction of the Companyルs business. The duties
and powers of the Companyルs CEO and other
ogcers are set forth in the Companyルsロbylaws.4

Stakeholder How We Engage

Employees � Employee surveys

� Company intranet SWALife

� Other internal communication channels

� Weekly podcasts from our Chairman
and CEO

� Companywide Culture Committee

� Culture & Engagement Department

� Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Customers � Customer surveys

� Social media listening

� Customer call centers

� Customer emails

Suppliers � Supplier Diversity Commitment

� Online supplier portal

� ESG-focused questions in supplier RFPs

� Engagement with internal participants
in the procurement process

� Engagement with external participants
in the procurement process (suppliers)

Organizations (NGOs)

Research and publications from the following NGOs help inform our citizenshipロapproach:

� Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels
Initiative (CAAFI)

� World Economic Forum’s Clean Skies for
Tomorrow Coalition

� Sierra Club

� Airport Cooperative Research Program

Airports/Government � Engagement with internal participants
from Governmental Afairs Department

� Developing public policy positions
intended to benekt our Employees,
Customers, andロcommunities

Investors � Engagement with internal participants in
Investor Relations Department

� Informal investor interviews

� Investor-focused standards such as
Sustainability Accounting Standards

Regulators We take regulatory compliance seriously, including with respect to standards and
requirements established by:

� Department of Transportation (DOT)

� Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

� Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

� Securities and Exchange Commission

Communities � Employee volunteerism

� Charitable contributions and donations

� Nonprokt partnerships

� Community Relations Team

� Medical Transportation Grant Program

ESG Raters Additionally, we reviewed multiple sustainability reporting standards, and frameworks, and
results from independent ESG research krms toロinform our reporting eforts, including:

� CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure

� S&P Global Corporate Sustainability

� Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS)

� Sustainalytics

� EcoVadis

To better understand the efects of our
citizenship initiatives upon our business,
weロalso conducted interviews with:

� Southwest Executive Leadership

� Southwest Citizenship Executive
Steering Group

� Southwest Cross-Functional
Working Groups

ESG Key Topics

Engagement with

Stakeholders resulted in

the prioritization ofロtopics.

PerformancePeople Planet GRI IndexAbout the One Report SASB Index UN SDGsAbout the One Report

2020 Southwest Airlines One Report 7

The Companyルs bylaws and other information
about the Companyルs governance practices,
Board of Directors, and ogcers are available on in the Investor Relations section.

The Southwest Airlines Citizenship Executive
Steering Group (CESG) provides input
and guidance on social, economic, and
environmental topics to the Companyルs CEO,
President, Chief Financial Ogcer, and Executive
Vice President of Corporate Services, all of
whom contribute to the Companyルs policy
development and decision-making eforts with
respect to these topics. The CESG meets regularly
and comprises Ogcers and Leaders from
various departments throughout the Company.
The CESG considers feedback from various
Stakeholders and works collaboratively with
other executive steering groups to take a holistic
approach when considering social, economic,
and environmentalロtopics. Other internal
groups that address CSR and ESG actions and
initiatives include our Social Topics Committee;
Enterprise Risk Management Team; Diversity,
Equity, and Inclusion Executive Steering Group;
andロEnvironmental Steering Group.

Southwestルs Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
Team assists management in addressing the
Companyルs risk portfolio by collaborating with
internal Stakeholders to identify, evaluate, and
document risk and mitigation eforts. The ERM
Team conducts risk assessments, produces
internal reports, deknes risk focus areas, and
escalates critical risks to Executive Leadership.

Southwest is committed to continually improving
the awareness and transparency of our
governance of environmental and social topics.
Some of our recent eforts in this regard include:

� Expanding disclosure of how our environmental
stewardship goals will be compatible with our
long-term strategy

� Enhancing integration of diversity, equity,
andロinclusion (DEI) principles in our hiring
andロdevelopment practices to support goals as
outlined in the People section of the One Report

� Expanding governance reporting within the
One Reportルs GRI General Disclosure section

The Board of Directors also recently updated its
Compensation Committeeルs Charter to relect the
Compensation Committeeルs existing practice of
assisting the Board of Directors with its oversight
of human resources policies and practices,
including the Company’s DEI philosophy,
practices, and initiatives.

Southwest believes in a sustainable future where
a balance exists between protecting the world
for future generations and serving the interests
of our Shareholders, Employees, Customers,
and other Stakeholders, serving as good
environmental stewards, fostering a creative
andロinnovative workforce, and giving back to
theロcommunities we serve.5

Employee Experience
To create the best possible work environment
and continue our investment in human capital,
Southwest seeks to provide a stable work
environment with equal opportunity for learning
and personal growth. We focus on bringing
the best People into the Southwest Family by
investing in human capital with a competitive
total rewards package and providing on-the-job
training and encouragement to help Employees
succeed. DEI has always been rooted in our
Company values, and we strive for our Employee
population to represent the diverse communities
we serve.

Employees are treated with the same concern,
respect, and caring attitude within our
organization that they are expected to share
externally with every Southwest Customer.
Ourロstrategy for employment and labor practices
is guided by our Executive Vice President
Corporate Services, our People Department, and
our Legal Department, which includes a section
devoted solely to Labor and EmployeeロRelations.

Our People Departmentルs priorities include
(butロare not limited to): attracting, developing,
and retaining a diverse, talented workforce;
providing opportunities for learning,
development, career growth, and movement
within the Company; evaluating compensation
and benekts, and rewarding performance;
investing in physical, emotional, mental, and
knancial health and well-being of Employees;
obtaining Employee feedback; maintaining
and enhancing Company Culture; and
communicating with the Board of Directors on
aロroutine basis on key topics, including Executive
succession planning. This work is carried out in
collaboration with Southwest Airlines University
(SWA U); Culture & Engagement; and Diversity,
Equity, & Inclusion Departments.

We conduct Companywide surveys of our
Employees throughout the year to assess their
job satisfaction. Survey feedback allows us to
better improve our ability to attract, develop,
and retain Employees who will help us achieve
Southwestルs business objectives. Our dedicated
Employee Experience Team actively evaluates
and maps the Employee Experience to identify
opportunities to improve—such as onboarding

new Employees, identifying moments that
matter to current Employees, and ofboarding
Employees leaving theロCompany.

To create the best possible work environment,
weロstrive to provide our Employees with
advanced notice of signikcant operational
changes through proactive communication.
Forロexample, we provided notice to our
Contract Employees (and their respective
Unions), as well as Noncontract Employees
when we made operational changes to our
light schedule and policy updates related to
mask requirements, refund changes, enhanced
aircraft cleaning procedures, and Customer and
Employee health declarations as a result of the

We implemented Company procedures that
support and respect the protection of human
rights within our sphere of inluence, and we
provided notice and training opportunities
to ourロEmployees on subjects like Human
Tragcking awareness. We recognize lawful rights
of Employees to choose or not choose collective
bargaining representation. Our approach focuses
on negotiating labor agreements that achieve
positive outcomes for our People and Company.

Supply Chain
To support our operation, we purchase goods
and services from nearly 4,000 sources across
multiple continents and countries, but the
majority of our supply base and spend is in
the U.S. domestic market since our network
footprint is primarily as a North American
carrier. We maintain relationships directly with
various types of suppliers, including service
providers, contractors, manufacturers, brokers,

We strive to provide Southwest with the highest
quality products and services at the lowest total
costs. While we have dedicated Teams within
our Supply Chain Management Department,
such as Fuel Management, Aircraft Maintenance,
Technology, and Enterprise Supply Chain, we
aim to manage our supply chain holistically and
by utilizing analytically rigorous and dynamic
approaches to optimize system egciency. Our
Supply Chain Management Department monitors
supplier performance, assesses risk and plans for

The Southwest Airlines Citizenship Executive Steering
Group (CESG) provides input and guidance on social,

economic, and environmental topics.

PerformancePeople Planet GRI IndexAbout the One Report SASB Index UN SDGsAbout the One Report


of hand



of facilities

acrylic glass
installed The total area covered

by the acrylic glass

barriers that we

installed is nearly

the wing area of 7

Boeing 737s





We distributed enough

masks that when lined

end to end reach as long

as our BWI-FLL flight

surgical masks


labor hours spent on

enhanced overnight

aircraft cleanings


Labor hours

spent cleaning


translates into

more than

3 round trips

to Pluto on

the spacecraft

New Horizons

labor hours
spent cleaning
tray tables and
other aircraft



2 oz. bottles

of hand



for Employees


pairs of gloves


We purchased

enough gloves

for the entire

population of Illinois

to receive a pair

Rising to the

As we say so long to a year full of the unexpected, let’s take a moment to reflect on

a few of the milestones achieved to support the well-being of our Customers and

Employees between March and December. As part of the Southwest Promise, Teams

worked diligently to bolster cleaning e�orts while procuring and distributing various

forms of personal protective equipment and supplies. Our Employees’ flexibility,

determination, and tenacity will be forever etched into the history of our Company.

2020 Southwest Airlines One Report 8

PerformancePeople Planet GRI IndexAbout the One Report SASB Index UN SDGsAbout the One Report

2020 Southwest Airlines One Report 9

potential supply chain disruptions, and analyzes
our supply chain spend so we can continuously

Southwest is committed to maintaining our
low-cost Leadership through efective and
egcient procurement practices and spending
our capital wisely. All suppliers are treated
fairly and impartially during the evaluation
and selection process. We use more than one
selection process, depending on Company
requirements and supply market conditions.
Eachロselection process is focused on knding the
best combination of quality, reliability, egciency,
and service for Southwest at the lowest total cost.
Internally, our Employees are expected to adhere
to a Procurement Policy for Employees and we
expect all internal and external participants in
the procurement process to observe the highest
standards of ethical conduct. We also have a
supplier assessment questionnaire as a crucial
part of the vetting process and expect suppliers
to comply with applicable laws, including those
regarding child and/or forced labor.

Our eforts to respect and protect human rights
also extends to our supply chain. We partner
with our suppliers to have a positive impact with
the products and equipment we use in the skies,
on the ground, and in our ogces. We seek to
build sustainable relationships with our suppliers
to help fulkll our operational needs, stimulate
economic growth in the communities we serve,
support small and minority-owned businesses,
and satisfy the expectations of our Stakeholders.
Our Supplier Diversity Program looks to build
sustainable, diverse suppliers that are: Small,
Small Disadvantaged, Women-owned, HUBZone,

Veteran-owned, Service-Disabled Veteran-owned,
Minority-owned, Disabled-owned, and LGBT+-
owned. A diverse workforce, which includes
our suppliers, helps keep Southwest strong

At Southwest, we understand that our business
impacts the markets we serve. We strive to
positively afect these communities by way of
our outreach and engagement initiatives to build
longstanding relationships with our community
partners and suppliers.

Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion
Southwest recognizes, respects, and values
diferences. By fostering a Culture that embraces
and utilizes diversity, we promote Teamwork
and innovation that contributes to our overall
success. Since 1971, inclusion has always been
at the Heart of Southwest Airlines, utilizing
diversity of thought and experience. As the
underdog creating a new way to ly, we needed
everyone and their point-of-view to make that
goal aロreality.

Southwest is committed to advancing diversity,
equity, and inclusion (DEI), and as we continue
our journey, we will maintain our eforts to
cultivate a workforce and Leadership Team to
relect the diversity of the communities we serve.
We will alsoロsupport learning and development
eforts that are democratized and inclusive
ofロvarious career growth paths.

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Departmentルs vision is to cultivate a diverse
and inclusive experience for all our People
to thrive—Employees, Customers, and
Partners. Theロdepartment leads actions and
measures toロpromote an inclusive Culture

� Assisting with crafting the enterpriseルs

� Leading strong communication eforts to build
shared language, meaning, and understanding

� Managing DEI as a strategic asset

� Auditing and monitoring equity

� Tracking and assessing progress

� Reporting to the Board of Directors

� Championing informal and formal
conversations and perspectives on DEI

Southwest is built on a network of relationships.
Building diverse, equitable, and sustainable
relationships is a top priority. We believe our
DEIロPromise is a key tool in nurturing inclusion.

� It’s about Team: The collaboration of thoughts,
backgrounds, and experiences helps us achieve
our common goal as a Team

� It’s about value: Our Employees value
the ability to bring their authentic selves
to work each day while meeting our

� It’s about respect: Our pride in Southwest
Airlines fuels our unity. The respect we show
our Fellow Employees matters to our work,
ourロTeam, and our Company

Southwest is committed to maintaining our low-cost Leadership through
efective and egcient procurement practices and spending our capital wisely.

PerformancePeople Planet GRI IndexAbout the One Report SASB Index UN SDGsAbout the One Report

2020 Southwest Airlines One Report 10

Prior to 2020, we had been on a years-long
journey to advance DEI and build the cultural
competency of our organization. Keyロperformance
indicators (KPIs) to track success of these eforts
came from DEI feedback tools and activities,

� Employee surveys

� DEI-focused “Pulse Point” intranet surveys

� Event attendance

� Participation in DEI training

We ofer anonymity for Employees to share
if other Employees are not aligning to our
Company values. We are committed to
our DEIロPromise, and we do not tolerate
discrimination, bullying, retaliation,

We have established a kve-year roadmap
with respect to our objectives, so that we can
harness the power of diverse backgrounds
and experiences that will contribute to our
overall success. In 2021, we seek to continue
to build a solid foundation and cultivate shared
understanding among all Employees. Asロwe
move forward, we strive to understand and
establish metrics to track resultsロand progress
that will feed the organizational expectation
andロprovide solid results for feedback.

Training and
Southwest Airlines University (SWA U) provides a
variety of training and curriculum options such as
classroom training, distance learning, on-the-job
training, mentoring, and blended learning for
our Employees. We regularly evaluate skill sets
needed by our Employees to stay competitive in
an ever-changing, highly regulated environment.

Traditionally, our Employees received the
majority of their training at our Dallas campus,
but our training approach shifted in 2020 due to
the pandemic. SWA U launched the Southwest
Learning Center in June to provide Leaders and
Employees with a clean, simple catalog of virtual
training opportunities—addressing both required
training needs and optional curriculum.

In 2020, we also launched Career Mobility
as a centralized resource for our Employees
to learn about the skills, experiences, and
education needed for their next career step at
Southwest. Career Mobility allows Employees

to meet with Career Mobility Partners who
can direct them toロspecikc SWA U classes,
temporary opportunities, or interview
preparation techniques in order to increase
diversity and vertical and lateral mobility for all

In 2019, Southwest Airlines partnered with
Gallup® to launch CliftonStrengths, which
allows Employees to discover their own
strengths and helps them empower others to
develop theirs. As of March 1, 2021, we have
introduced CliftonStrengths to nearly 90% of our
departments and plan to expand the programルs
reach to everyロEmployee.

Southwest believes our focus on diversity training
enables enhanced Teamwork and innovation. …

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