Reflection Assignment For An Ethic Course i have written down the details of my reflection with a document that Includes my experiences with details as the

Reflection Assignment For An Ethic Course i have written down the details of my reflection with a document that Includes my experiences with details as the

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Reflection Assignment For An Ethic Course i have written down the details of my reflection with a document that Includes my experiences with details as the professor requested a lot of details and two other documents onr for instructions Core Competency

Relevant Module(s), Activity or Assignment

Detailed description of your learning experience and the development of the core competency


explain my ideas clearly and accurately considering different perspectives


1- on our group case study for the part me and aya worked on which was the main problem of the case identifying it and claryifing and collecting evidence we had a small problem where we wrote about more than one country instead of focusing on one at the beginning where our two group members opened our eyes to it and told us after doing a peer review that we had more than one problem which might cause confusion for the reader of the paper and honestly what they said made sense to me so we worked on it again and fixed the problem after our friend feedback also my friend tild me that there was something about sports you had in the outilne but wasn’t in the case so can you write about it in the case as well as the professor told us this point was good.
I re read the part i wrote and i knew that we mentioned something about it so. After that i asked her to highlight for me where to include it else as i have already written about it in the case and after she read it again she figured that it was there already but she couldn’t find it the first time.
And also asking her to highlight the parts she think it was extra helped me focus and understand from another person’s prespective how to improve my part.


handle the stress of a fluctuating, at times heavy, workload (e.g. balancing school, projects, assignments, exams, work, family, social)

Burger with a soul

2- agility and adaptability. I found it challenging at the first few weeks to work on school assignment including my ethic course and manage my time as all assignment and due dates happens on sunday which is very hard for me as i work during the week and come back tired and don’t do my assignment and during the weekend i barely can finish so much in one day and i decided to plan for my daily routine and start planning to change my habits during the week to have some time to finish some assignments so i can managed not to miss any of them after i missed my second post class discussion and got a zero on it and because i was busy working on other assignments and totally forgot to work on my ethics weekly assignment it was the tome when i realized that i need to start working on assignments during the week as well and not to leave everything until Sunday where all my assignments are due and miss another assignments and lose marks.


work with people who are different from me and overcome group work challenges

Post class memo 3 unlock the phone iPhone to solve the case.

3- working with people who are different than you is really challenging but at the same time we want to respect that everyone have their own way to study and every person is unique. So we should expect that even when we chose our group members and work on something together.
And i realized almost from the first assignmnet that our friend hala is a person who likes to finish things ahead of time and always tries to be perfect while doing her part. And if anybody delayed while working on their part she will come and do it and without complaining but at the same time it’s not fair if someone is gonna do all the work and the rest is just gonna watch and get the mark easily so i figured letting her know that me and my other two friend that work and have a job so in case she reached out to us we might be working so she should expect some delays as we are at work and we told her also that we will definitely be contributing to our parts so she doesn’t need to worry and write our parts as well if we didn’t finish them the first two or three days as we have a full week to finish the assignment and sometimes we have other assignments that are due before and we need to give priority to that do what we did whenever possible starting with the first post class memo unlocking the iphone is we worked on it and concentrated as much as possible during class time so for later we don’t need to worry about the assignment and even if she wants to submit it ahead she can only edit.
So we tried doing that every time we had a post class memo and it saved us a lot of trouble for the future so from the first memo we collabortated together to get a good mark on our assignmnts and it worked for everybody.


find relevant information resources that are not included in databases

Coke and Pepsi

4- for our group project coke and Pepsi we faced a challenge of finding reliable sources at the beginning and we were looking and finding info from websites that are irrlaible and not trust worthy to be used for an academic paper.
We kept searching for the same for example the sources we were finding is .com
And it’s really hard because info seemed acurate and very useful for us but at the same time due to academic restrictions we couldn’t use it . Do we changed our search criteria and titles to find the correct sources and we tried also using goolge scholar to help us find better resources and search titles to find the information we want and from a trusted website.


work through disappointments and setbacks (e.g. not give up when things don’t go as planned)

First group memo, fishbank simulation

5-For the fish-bank simulation i faced a huge problem of working with people that didn’t help me on the assignment and i wrote the whole thing was submitted and tried to remember some of the details and numbers we input to get the result but couldn’t do work for 5 people on my own and when i emailed them asking them for help the response from one of the group members was i think what you wrote is perfect and enough so there is nothing to add.
The second one was i will edit the assignment and submit it and after submission checked what was edited by the other member was nothing which and there was two other group members that didn’t respond at all which was very hard because one of them was the leader for taking decisions while we were doing the simulation and he wrote all the decisions down. We did a great job by being the second wining group at the simulation and we got the bonus mark.
But after that we got 1-5 for the post class group memo as nobody beside me worked on it and my fault was i didn’t record or write down the input while we were doing the simulation.
It was a lesson for me that i shouldn’t be depending on anybody to get me the mark even of it was a group work i should fight for this mark and let the professor know that the group didn’t help at all and that’s why i lost the mark.
But i am glad that i never had to work with them for the rest of the semester.
I joined another group where we all were contributing and helping each other with the group work.

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