Research Method info attached Outcomes Assessment Summaries: Please use these below instructions to submit the final write ups of the research topic Topi

Research Method info attached Outcomes Assessment Summaries:

Please use these below instructions to submit the final write ups of the research topic


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info attached

Outcomes Assessment Summaries:

Please use these below instructions to submit the final write ups of the research topic

Topic… Veterans Treatment Courts and Its impact on veterans residing in Virginia).


In the introduction, students will identify their topic and provide a concise review of the relevant historical context for their topic. The goal of the introduction is to:

· Explain the relevance or significance of their topic and address the question, “How would criminal justice or homeland security practitioners benefit from further research into this topic?”

· Students should provide enough background information on their topic to help the reader assess the need for the proposed study.

· Introduce their research question.

· The research question would ideally be a question that existing research does not already answer. By providing a “new” inquiry into their chosen topic, students will be able to discuss the relevance or significance of their proposal.

· The introduction should be concise, with a 2-page maximum.


Literature Review

A literature review presents an organized synthesis of the previously established research findings for your topic of interest. The goal of a literature review is to provide scholarly evidence that supports the relevance of your proposed study. A complete literature review will include:

· At least 10 scholarly sources of information.

· Sources that are relevant to your research question and current.

· Resources that discuss multiple perspectives or opposing viewpoints on the topic you have selected.

· An organization or flow of relevant details provided:

· Some organizational techniques include presenting information chronologically, presenting information by relevant sub-topic, or presenting information by specific viewpoint or theoretical explanation related to your topic of interest.

· A synthesis of multiple sources to present a coherent review of what you have learned in conducting your research.

· Present research findings properly cited with APA formatting.

· The literature review should be at least five pages in length.


Research Design

In order to propose an answer to their research question, students will design a hypothetical study. In this section of the research proposal, students will illustrate their understanding of the different research methods in the social sciences, and their appropriate usage, by:

· Select a research method (for example survey or quasi-experiment) that answers their research question.

· Discuss the relevant components of their research design, including:

· The participants to be included in the study.

· The study’s procedures (i.e. how the study would be conducted).

· The instrumentation or source of data to be collected or used in the study.

· A review of how the relevant data collected will answer the student’s research question.

· A discussion of the strengths and limitations of their research design.*

· It is important to understand that all research in the social sciences has limitations. Student ability to discuss the appropriateness of their selected research method and its limitations on the conclusions that can be made helps demonstrate disciplined inquiry.

· Students’ research design section will vary in length due to the complexity of their proposed design. Students should aim to provide enough detail here so that the reader, if they wanted to, would be able to conduct their research study.



In concluding their research proposals, students should aim to connect the different areas of their proposal to help address the following:

· How their proposed study answers their research question.

· The implications or relevance of this proposed study on their field of interest.

Students should also include a reference page, with all cited works presented in APA format,in-text citations.

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