Research Method Law homework help

Research Method Law homework help

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NOTE- always put in consideration that this is base on Criminal Justice system and also veterans residing in Virginia… because that is project topic not just general but veterans residing in virginia.


Analyze existing research to identify new areas of inquiry

select a research article that you have read for your literature and complete the following assignment. Your analysis should be no more than 2 pages. 

Step 1:  Discuss the current study.  Provide information on the following:

· The authors’ research question

· Their methods (participants, procedures, and measurements)

· Their results-how did they answer their research question?

· Step 2:  Review and take notes of the limitations identified in the discussion section:  What limitations do the authors note?  Are they related to sampling, measurement, participant behavior, defining variables, etc.?  Or all of the above perhaps?  

· Step 3:  Discuss possible future research:  What do the authors suggest are the next steps?  What additional studies should be or could be done to help construct or build knowledge in this area?  How will learning this information relate back to this field of inquiry in terms of policies or procedures in criminal justice?     

· Step 4: Conclusions and Citation: Discuss what you have learned in this process.  It may be a good idea to try to connect your proposed study with their suggested future studies


Write a literature review of the project topic…

The literature review is useful in framing the context of your research question. Background information is presented on the current state of the field in which you are investigating, so that the reader is led to the conclusion that your research question is worth investigating and prepares them for the significance of what different answers to your research question might mean. It might be helpful to think of the literature review as plot details that lead to the final dramatic scene in an action movie. There is an art to developing literature reviews that comes with experience, therefore the goal for this week is to submit a literature review. 


This is different from above literature review…the wording can be rephrased.

Review of Literature 

1. What are the current trends relating to your topic-this should be research based.
2.  A minimum of 5 scholarly  articles must be used in your literature review.


take a look at the ethical considerations involved in designing research in the criminal justice field.  Please complete the following:

· Post a link or citation and a brief (250 words or more) review of a criminal justice research study that had questionable ethics. Discuss how the design proposes an ethical dilemma for the researchers and identify which ethical standards they have violated.

· Then propose a solution to this research’s design that would meet current ethical standards and how this change might have impacted the results of the original study.


Ethical Considerations in Research Design

  Your ethical review of your proposal should be 1-2 pages written.  Please use the topic and your proposed research design to discuss the following:

1. Participants – What population would you use in your proposed research design? How would participants be recruited?  (*Please note, for certain research questions and methodologies in lieu of participants, data sets would be used.  Please address the same question with the consideration of your inclusion/exclusion criteria and permission to use available data sets to propose new research). 

2. Procedures – What would your participants do during your study? Would they be subjected to any potential harm (physical or psychological) in participating?

3. How would you obtain informed consent from your participants? Would deception be used to conduct your study?  If so, what information is needed to obtain informed consent? 

4. Will participants receive an incentive for their participation? If so, how might that affect voluntary, informed consent?

5. How would you secure data and participant confidentiality?

6. How would you gain approval to conduct your study? What information might an Institutional Review Board (IRB) look for to give you clearance to conduct your study?

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