Research Problem Psychology homework help

Research Problem Psychology homework help

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Social cognition is the mental activity relating to social activities, and helps us meet the goal for understanding individuals’ behavior as well as our own. Cognitive heuristics enable us to think in ways that are quick and easy but sometimes may lead to error. Consider some of your beliefs about people you know. Do you think that your behaviors toward them lead you to maintain your expectations about them?  Next, think about a time you made a snap judgement about another person. Did your expectations about people influence your judgments of this person? Was the judgement fair or unfair?

Scholarly write in APA  format 1000-1500 words on the following:

With these questions in mind, explain how and when schemas and attitudes do and do not change as a result of the operation of accommodation and assimilation. Next, outline the ways schemas are likely to be maintained through processes that create assimilation. Then, differentiate and give examples of cognitive heuristics that influence social judgement, and the possibilities of your judgments may simply be wrong.

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