Respond To Two Granth 652 W2 Respond to at least two of your peers’ postings in one or more of the following ways: “See attachment” for detailed instructio

Respond To Two Granth 652 W2 Respond to at least two of your peers’ postings in one or more of the following ways: “See attachment” for detailed instructio

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Respond to at least two of your peers’ postings in one or more of the following ways: “See attachment” for detailed instructions and references

  • 3-4 paragraphs 
  • No plagiarism
  • APA citing
  • 24 hours 

Week 2 Discussion 1

Improving Performance in Workplace

Relating Training to Business Performance:

The Case for a Business Evaluation Strategy – William J. Tarnacki II

For many years organizations have been professing that the key to a truly sustainable competitive advantage is an engaged and talented workforce. “Managers are fond of the maxim `Employees are our most important asset.’ Yet beneath the rhetoric, too many executives still regard—and manage—employees as costs. That’s dangerous because, for many companies, people are the only source of long-term competitive advantage” (Bassi & McMurrer, 2007, p. 115). This professed realization has pushed organizations to establish training programs (and even corporate universities) that provide opportunities for employees to develop skills and competencies related to their existing (or sometimes future) roles in the organization.

These training programs have evolved tremendously over time, becoming much more sophisticated and oriented toward creating a well-rounded workforce. Unfortunately, these training and development (T+D) efforts have not kept pace with the changing demands of business. In fact, T+D departments have evolved to be separate entities from the operations of the business, basically managing a repository of training options versus partnering with business and operational leaders to customize solutions based on evolving business needs. Recent attempts to broaden T+D efforts to encompass performance improvement (PI) are a much needed, long overdue, uphill climb. Unfortunately, again, today’s business leaders are looking to their human resources (HR), PI, and T+D colleagues to operate at a much higher level and to develop a new language around the expectations and the demands of the business.

If our field of practice is changing (albeit slowly), it stands to reason that the traditional evaluation methods (see Table 4.1) we use to measure transfer from our training programs (skills and knowledge) are also too narrow to measure business results. These evaluation methods are being taught and even trained in the context of another narrow model—the ADDIE instructional design model (analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate). Evaluation strategies and tools, based on T+D and ADDIE, limit our ability to understand the overall business model and associated metrics in order to offer robust, impactful, meaningful evaluation results that help manage the business.

To prepare for this Discussion, pay particular attention to the following Learning Resources:

· Review this week’s Learning Resources, especially:

· Types of Evaluations –
See pdf

· Read Week 2 Lecture –
See Word doc

· Read Chapter 3 & 4 – See Word doc


Respond to two or more colleagues, “See listed below” in the following way:

· Propose two suggestions on something your colleague can do in the future to positively change the behavior they identified.

· Provide a rationale for your suggestions based on your experience and the Learning Resources for the week.

· 3 – 4 paragraphs

· No plagiarism

· APA citing

1st Colleague – Dorian Wilson

Dorian Wilson 

Week 2 Discussion

Top of Form

This week you have learned about the importance of workplace training. This week’s learning has introduced you to both the benefits and downfalls of a training session. With your current workplace in mind, analyze the current training setting. Your response should include what works and what does not in the current setting. In addition, expand on the suggestions you might offer to create the perfect training setting that would help to improve the workplace. Explain the challenges that you might face in implementing this training into the workplace.

Hello Class,

My current workplace training setting is, based out of Houston for this corporation. Which is where the company originated from and was started. The best thing that works for this company is, being a team, coming together and refresher training is needed for tasks that need to be adjusted. My suggestions to create the perfect training setting that will help improve the workplace is making sure that all the training is the same and if there are any changes that need to be made, then there will be classes to get the other group on board with the changes. The challenges that may occur in implementing this training into the workplace is having a place where all the staff can come to get the training, with the company having so many locations this will be a challenge. “Two aspects were considered to explore the usability of the anagogical process model for learning: a comparison between the elements of the model and the designing, delivering and evaluating processes of the training; and an appreciation evaluation. Findings The model was useful to systematically design, deliver and evaluate workplace training that was appreciated by the learners, even though most of the model’s elements were modified to meet the constraints of the trainer and the organization” ( Alexandra Tessier, Claire Croteau, & Brigitte Voyer. (2021). Pg. 577–590.

Reference: Alexandra Tessier, Claire Croteau, & Brigitte Voyer. (2021). Exploring the usability of the anagogical process model for learning for designing, delivering and evaluating a workplace communication partner training. Journal of Workplace Learning, 33(8), 577–590.

Bottom of Form

2nd Colleague – Steven Cole

Steven Cole 

Cole Discussion- Week 2

Top of Form

The common saying, “If it ain’t raining, we ain’t training”, is something that Soldiers and members of the military understand and take to heart. As the United States and its Armed Forces stand ready to fight our nations wars, training and the being prepared for the enemy, the terrain, and others factors are important in readiness. For example, the terrain and conditions in a remote location during the winter months, calls for cold weather training and you can combat both the enemy and the environmental considerations. In my field, training is essential to understand the current Army regulations and policies and ensure that Soldiers are being taken care of with swift appropriate action. The use of conferences and workshop, help for the training to resonate and also provide the key networking connections and groups that can help with any situation. I do believe one downfall and ill effect from this training platform is the funding piece. “As budget experts caution the Army will see reduced or — at best — flat budgets in the coming years, service officials are readying for a more difficult look at how to cut costs to preserve modernization momentum” (Judson, 2021). To cover the expenses of the attendees which includes travel expenses, lodging fees and meals, as well as a venue or location adds up to a high dollar amount.  On the positive side, the use of Microsoft Teams enables for training and workshops to continue, however, that in-person connection and networking is still lacking. If funding was not an issue, having training sessions and workshops on a quarterly basis would be my recommendation and suggestion. Within the Human Resource (HR) realm, changes to regulations as well as policy are changing at drastic speeds. Within the last several months, I personally have had to process Religious Accommodation packets for Soldiers who are requesting exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine. Throughout this process, the required documents, procedures and what is required has changed more then 5 times. This is a perfect example of the need of workshops and training to be conducted more frequently so that everyone has the same information, and is processing these particular packets the same way.  


Judson, J. (2021, October 11). ‘no way around it’: Facing budget cuts, Army braces to fight for modernization. Defense News. Retrieved February 20, 2022, from

Your Thoughts


Bottom of Form

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