Response To Discussion 2 Respond to each with at least 100-150 words Angela The information I found most pertinent to my teaching assignment during this

Response To Discussion 2 Respond to each with at least 100-150 words


The information I found most pertinent to my teaching assignment during this

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Respond to each with at least 100-150 words


The information I found most pertinent to my teaching assignment during this current school year is how to implement more cultural responsive instruction and religious beliefs into the classroom that are within the law. I now know what I can teach and allow students to discuss their religious beliefs, as long as administrators are supportive.  I will let my students know that our nation is rich in many cultural and religion beliefs.  And that our country has always been home to people of many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.  Also, help students understand that ideas have consequences, objectively teach the biblical principles and thinking behind the actions of historical figures who sought to implement their faith.  As a teacher, like my students, I behave and express myself according to ways that reflect my cultural and religious background.

How I will use the information I learned through the modules in my classroom, the information helps me understand my students’ religious beliefs and cultural.  I will explore themes that are common to all cultures.  And incorporate books for my classroom library with multicultural themes and different perspectives.  My current group of students are different in many ways, therefore, when it comes time to highlight specific cultural holidays and religious beliefs I will shed light on the subject (English/language arts) by lesson plan, ongoing unit study, field trip, cultural fair, special performance presentation, etc.  For I think that an effective teacher should know their students living situation, including religious beliefs, safety, food, family, access to books, technology, etc.  So, my goal is to expand  my students’ knowledge, interest, and respect for each other cultural and religious beliefs.  To develop discussion group of like-minded colleagues to formulate lesson ideas, and exchange research on how to teach various aspects of the State Standards.


-After reading the information I find the modules very useful for my current and future teaching career. As a strong believer of Christ, throughout everyday life and locally, I think it is vital to instruct about religion and have an open religion climate in the school. Something I saw as generally appropriate to my showing task is realizing the contrast among training and educating about religion. At the point when we should instruct about religion, we embrace all religions, foundations, societies, and lessons among an assortment gathering. In my present task, once in a while children have inquiries concerning religion and ask about various gatherings. It is useful to realize that I can educate about subjects with being influential in my own convictions. I discover that everything revolves around phrasing and how things are being educated. I likewise like the additional assets that the program gives. For the longest, I have puzzled over with regards to whether instructing about religion was against the laws. I observed that it isn’t. The program had the specific laws joined to the modules. I can let my students know that they reserve the privilege to articulate their thoughts strictly and put together strict gatherings on our grounds. Children are denounced for doing things like imploring in our school and assembling for Bible review. In any case, this program guarantees me that the students  will not and can’t cause problems for their demeanors. This is great to know, particularly for me, since I am over sure to gain. The children frequently ask would they be able to ask over the group for games. Presently, I realize that my class can supplicate with one another with comparable convictions.


After working through Modules 5 to 8, I found the information in Session 6: Students’ Religious Liberties to be most pertinent to my teaching assignment during this current school year.  My students have been experiencing some rough times lately due to family loss, COVID-19 deaths, and other personal issues.  Therefore, I think it would be helpful for my students to learn more about their religious liberties in relation to school.  They have rights that they are not aware of and all of the following will help them keep the faith during these times:

1. Students can pray, read their Bibles or other religious materials, and talk about their faith at school.

2. Students can organize prayer groups and religious clubs, and announce their meetings.

3. Students can express their faith in their classwork and homework.

I can use this information that I have learned, not only from module 5 but with the incorporation of all of them combined to spark discussions and numerous creative writing activities.  The information from all of the modules will help engage thoughts and feelings on religion, prayer in school, and especially learning more about the observance of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  The holidays are observed and we are able to have time off from school, but I think it is pertinent for my students to know why and what the holidays mean.  If my students were to dig deeper into the history behind the holidays, it would mold more classroom culture and allow them to connect in ways that are imaginable.  I think my class would also correlate the time off during holidays to properly learning the importance of self-care as well.  Not only is self-care vital to a person’s mental, but it is also as well to the entirety of their emotional well-being.  As module 8 concludes, “Many students come from families of faith…It is important to encourage them to live by the moral dictates of their religious upbringing because it’s not just about the head; it’s also about the heart.”

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