Résumé IT Specialist I was wondering if anyone could spruce up my résumé to make it the most appealing to employers, I need a résumé that will blow out at

Résumé IT Specialist I was wondering if anyone could spruce up my résumé to make it the most appealing to employers, I need a résumé that will blow out at

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Résumé IT Specialist I was wondering if anyone could spruce up my résumé to make it the most appealing to employers, I need a résumé that will blow out at least half of the competition Shaquille Lane

11140 Cedar Glen Vw, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

(302) 670-1564 • S.G.Lane.XQ7@gmail.com


Determined and accomplished U.S Marine Sergeant with 7+ years of leadership and management experience ready to transfer skills and support to the private sector. Highly devoted individual with an efficient 10+ years of personal self-taught Informational Technology (IT) knowledge and 3+ years of professional assistance. Ready to integrate diversity, teach, learn and collaborate within a valued team.


· Expert Time Manager

· Personal and Public Speaking

· Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving abilities

· Operational Stress Control Advocate

· Strong Interpersonal Communication skills

· Experienced Computer Hardware Replacement

· System Networking Capabilities

· Python Programming Experience

· Oracle Data Management (GCSS-MC)

· Microsoft Operating System Repair



· Active Secret Security Clearance (Security Letter Provided)

· 29 CFR OSHA (30hr) Certificate



· National University

Associates of Computer Science JAN 2019- MAY 2021

Work History

United States Marine Corps September 2014 – Present

Contract Profession: Automotive Organizational Technician

· Current Position: Sr. Ground Quality Assurance Specialist May 2018- PRESENT

Additional Positions: Personnel Advisor / Manager / Safety Supervisor

Locations: San Diego, CA | Yuma, AZ | Bahrain | Kuwait | Guam

· Maintained maintenance and analyzed data on over 450+ service request within Global Combat Support System (GCSS)

· Assured the success and quality of all mechanical and electrical components on 120+ Tactical gear

· Repaired military grade tracking devices and other SATCOM computers

· Analyzes, reported, and managed all Global Combat Support Systems Marine Corps, Maintenance Production Report (MPR) and MDSS II data to ensure that equipment is properly maintained and recorded

· Determined the Force Activity (FAD) and Urgency of Need (UND) Designator to better supply the military’s mission

· Prioritized workload and motivated a team to perform in demanding conditions to meet deadlines

· Assisted in planning training and operational activities to overlook a productive work environment

· Tested, troubleshoot, and evaluated existing local area networks (LAN) on 50+ computer systems

· Integrated a local shared files hub to provide direct support to management and subordinates within the work area

· Expedited various backup procedures to mitigate the loss of sensitive information

· Controlled the security of second-level Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) sensitive information

· Previous Position: Assistant Data Systems Administrator / Chief Tactical Ground Technician MAY 2015-May 2018

Locations: Okinawa, Japan | Seoul, Korea | Sattahip, Thailand

· Supported the management of computers and Network Operating Systems (NOS) while enabling command and control

· Installed, repaired, and/or replaced over 75 desktop, laptop PCs, servers and tactical equipment

· Upheld a digital inventory of installed software and software licensing

· Coordinated with Supply representatives consistently to guarantee that all service request is managed appropriately

· Followed Supply Management Unit (SMU) and Repairable Issue Point (RIP) protocols to acquire special components

· Troubleshoot and repaired hardware and network connectivity issues throughout the workplace

· Performed over 35 image/reimage Windows Laptops and Desktops using government provided images

· Troubleshoot printer device issues (paper loading, connectivity, updates etc.)

· Utilized standard commercial word processing, database, spreadsheet, and statistical software applications

· Planned and supervised preventative and corrective maintenance of vehicles and equipment

· Mastered advanced skills such as teamwork, discipline, training, and communication

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