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How to Find Legitimate Help with Science Homework

Science is a fun subject that many students enjoy. Every year students look forward to the science fair where they can show of their projects and inventions. Science can actually be pretty fun. However, science isn’t for everyone. Biology and Chemistry can be very hard classes if you are not scientifically inclined. Getting legitimate help with your science homework is, most definitely, a concern. Don’t get disheartened. This problem can be easily remedied. Science tutors are available through online resources and in person. Science textbooks and study guides are available for students and there are plethora ideas on creating great science fair projects.

Where to find science tutors:

  • Start at school. You’ll be surprised at how many teachers and students are ready and willing to help you. Your teacher may stay after school to help you study, refer you to an after school science club or pair you with a classmate. High schools and colleges have onsite tutoring programs taught by upperclassman that have signed up to be tutors.
  • Join a club. Schools and colleges have academic clubs that will help you with class work as well as participate with you on projects and competitions.
  • Look in the classified ads or check online. Searching on Indeed or Careerbuilder is a good start to looking for a tutor for hire. Wyzant is a website that will connect you with over 70,000 tutors.
  • Other websites like Fact Monster and Discovery Education have videos and articles about science that may help.

Here is a list of websites where you can find science tutors or education resources.

  • Slader
  • Chegg
  • Tutorvista
  • CliffsNotes
  • Discovery
  • HowStuffWorks
  • NASA
  • LiveScience
  • ScienceDaily
  • ScienceDirect
  • PopSci
  • Smithsonian Mag

Science fair projects are also tough for some students. They don’t know where to get help or find an interesting topic to do their projects on. Many of these websites have great and interesting topics that are educational and fun.

Here is a list of some pretty cool science fair ideas:

  • The Solar System.
  • How to make a lemon battery.
  • Speed Germination: microwave a plant.
  • Reaction time: Drop a ruler test
  • How does rust form?
  • How fast can fire burn through coils different densities?
  • Cloning: Plant Splicing.

Two great websites for science fair ideas are Education dot COM and Science Buddies.

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