The Future Of Juvenile Justice See attached file 1 2

The Future Of Juvenile Justice See attached file 1


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See attached file



Bringing together all that we have discussed in this course,

what do you see as the future of juvenile justice?

In your response, consider whether you believe we should focus on prevention, rehabilitation, or some combination of both?

What might that look like?

This video link is a powerful Ted Talk (Links to an external site.) from a prosecutor about his vision for a better justice system.

Must utilize critical thinking in the following ways:

· Cite expert opinion from your text and other academic sources to support your statements.

· Provide real-world examples to illustrate your statements.

· Ask a probing question to challenge others (and yourself!) to think more deeply about the topic.

· Conclude with a personal assessment of how your perspective on the issue of topic impacts your current or future role in criminal justice and/or impacts juveniles in society today.

350-450 words excluding references, APA format and a minimum of 3 reference

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