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Free Homework Help: Using An Online Chat Can Save Your Grade

We all have times when we could use a little help with our homework assignments. Sometimes our instructors and fellow students can be of help. Often, there are are online homework help sites that can provide us with tips, ideas, and even tutors to make sure that we meet our assignment deadlines.

Another option that has proved quite popular with students suffering from homework-induced headaches, are online chat rooms. For many, this is the perfect environment for students to ask and answer questions related to their course assignments. There are many free sites that have been established by the government, and nonprofit organizations to help out when the homework becomes too much to bear.

About Online Homework Chat Rooms

The goal of these sites is to provide students with a free, live, online learning resource to turn to when they are having problems keeping up with their course load. Often, qualified volunteers are the ones providing the real time tutoring for students registered at the site. Usually, registration is free. A student signs up, and sets up an account to which she or he is free to log into at anytime.

Be aware that real time tutors may be available only at certain times of the day. Pay sites may allow you greater access to customized services. Other services offered by many sites include forums where students may post their questions or concerns. This can be a great way to get feedback from others who are facing the same hurdles as you.

Practice questions and worksheets are usually offered as well. Blogs are common, and may offer practical, general advice for how students can better manage their course work.

Homework Chat Sites: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Free Questions Can I Ask A Chat Site Tutor?

    Most sites allow each student to ask the tutor one question at a time. They also offer a “locker” or similar space for you to store the answers to your questions. If you have another question, simply click on the “ask question” button. You will be placed back in the sequence, and your other questions will be answered.

  • If There Is A Queue In the Chat Room, How Can I Avoid It?

    Patience! Also, it may be possible to search to see if other students have asked similar questions. The answers that they received may be of use to you.

  • Are The Rules In The Chat Room The Same As In The Classroom?

    Be polite and patient. If you are not, you may be denied access to the chat room in the future. Obviously, rude, vulgar, threatening and other infantile behavior will not be tolerated. Remember, these sites are free, and often staffed by volunteers. Take what help you can, but don't try to take advantage!

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