Week 1 Project MGT4070 Business & Finance homework help

Week 1 Project MGT4070 Business & Finance homework help

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Case Study #14 – Case study 14 Starbucks

Read the Starbucks case study located in the section titled Case Studies in your textbook concerning the following situation:

This case is ideal for demonstrating the importance of the external environment, competitive rivalry, and strategic leadership. The following points are to guide a review and discussion of these important concepts.

Your report and overview should address the following key strategic issues:

Describe the general environment that Starbucks faces. What are the segments in the general environment that relate to Starbucks situation? What are the opportunities and threats derived from the factors from the general environment? What are the possible future implications of some of the external factors?

Analyze the competitor environment and identify the competitors. Has Starbucks done enough to outperform its competitors?

Evaluate Starbucks CEO, strategic leadership. Have they been able to fulfill their responsibilities and continue to grow Starbucks as a company?

Analyzed Starbucks  next move in terms of growth and expansion. Based on your analysis, what additional recommendations would you make to help Starbucks achieve its goals?

Submission Details:

Based on your research, write succinct discussions of each of these items.

Present your work as a 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document formatted in APA style.

Support your responses with examples.  Cite any sources in APA format.

Attached is the case study #14

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