Week 2 Cled 780 Replies History homework help

Week 2 Cled 780 Replies History homework help

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Discussion Replies: Leaders and Managers

To-Do Date: Jan 23 at 11:59pm

Return to 
Discussion Thread: Leaders and Managers
 from Module 1: Week 1 and reply to 2 of your peers.  

Reply to the thread of at least 2 different peers. In your replies, choose 2 of the following approaches to guide your replies:

1. Reply to someone whose thinking you can add a significant contribution to.

2. Reply to someone who makes a point you do not understand and from whom you would like additional clarification.

3. Reply to someone you disagree with on a point and can challenge in a loving/considerate manner.

4. Reply to someone by making a comparison between your thoughts and his/hers.

5. Reply by asking questions and probe deeper into their ideas and responses.

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