Week 4 Replies History homework help

Week 4 Replies History homework help

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CLED 780

Innovation, Disruption, and Change Paper Assignment Instructions


You are to prepare a research paper on the relationship between innovation, disruption, and change. These concepts are central concepts to this course and comprehensive knowledge of change leadership and change management. Although not limiting yourself to just these theorists, your paper is to demonstrate that you possess a clear understanding of the theories of E.M. Rogers, Clayton M. Christensen, and John Kotter. Your paper must be 1,250–1,750 words in length, meet APA style standards for professional papers, and include a minimum of 7 scholarly citations.


Your paper must address the following concepts and provide appropriate examples or illustrations of each. Your paper must include the following headings. Develop appropriate subheadings where needed.

· Diffusion of Innovation

· Disruptive Innovation

· Innovation, Disruption and the Change Process

Your paper must accomplish the following.

· Provide an introduction that creates interest, orients the reader, and establishes the thesis of the paper.

· Clearly, logically, and accurately present the theories of diffusion of innovation and disruptive innovation, including reference to the theorists who proposed these concepts

· Discusses the role of these theories in bringing about change.

· Provide a conclusion that brings closure to the paper by summarizing and applying the concepts to Christian leadership contexts or Christian leaders.

Your paper must meet the following standards (see rubric) to be considered as an level paper.

· Your paper must be 1,250–1,750 words in length.

· Your paper must meet the current APA style requirements. Your paper must follow the “Professional” style template. This includes the title page, abstract, and reference page. The title page, abstract, and references are not included in the required word count.

· Your paper must include a minimum of 7 scholarly citations. This 7-citation standard does not include course textbooks, the Bible, or Bible commentaries. You may use them in preparing your paper and should cite them appropriately, but they do not count toward your seven citations.

· Your paper must be written in a formal academic style, including when responding to questions related to yourself as the writer. When responding to those questions, you should refer to yourself with phrases like “this writer…” or “this researcher…” or “the author of this paper.” This style may seem odd to you, but that is the accepted style of writing for your dissertation. By getting in that mode for all submissions, you will likely have fewer issues later when you write your prospectus and dissertation. Note that this is an exception to the APA style guide.

· Your paper must be well-written, have a logical flow, and demonstrate exceptional care in aligning the submitted work with assignment instructions.

· Your paper must be free of errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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