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Should I Pay Someone to Do My Homework or Write It on My Own: Useful Advice

Making home assignments is not really a big deal if you are punctual in your studies and attend your lectures regularly. You get a concept about your subject. One should select only those subjects that are of his interest to be able of doing his homework himself and not relying on others.

Why do students fail to do their homework themselves?

Wrong selection of subjects

Because of poor guidance and lack of awareness, students make a wrong selection when they are promoted to next level. Moreover, just by following the typical trends, students select those subjects that are popular or considered as trendy subjects. They might fall in the category that is neither affordable for a common student nor would they be able to pass that subject without getting assistance or help. Peer pressure is another factor that compels the students to choose a wrong subject for their carrier. Wrong selection of a subject leads to hundreds of complexities that result in losing one’s grades.

Paying somebody for making assignments


It has become a trend of paying others to do your work. It is surely an easy way of getting rid of your burden. Some students fail to create their own assignments, because it is a boring task to do.

Low paid service provider

With the availability of millions of paid writers, one could easily manage to pay from his pocket money, so it has become easier to avail such services at low rate.


  • Saves time and efforts
  • Easily available professional and skilled writers
  • No difficulty would be faced in any subject


  • Escapism
  • Risk of plagiarism
  • Low standard writing
  • Effects one’s creativity
  • Lacks basic concepts
  • Lacks confidence
  • Dependence on others
  • Eventually results in failing the paper
  • Becomes habitual of cheating
  • One will never succeed in his practical life


With the above-discussed points, one should never depend on others in doing his homework. It has more disadvantages then its advantages. One should have confidence in himself. He should know that, when someone can do it, he could also do it. Only with a little effort, search and time you would be able of doing your homework on your own. You would definitely be having classmates of your age who do their homework themselves. Remember that, you are capable of doing such level task that is why you are asked to do it.

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